Designed to meet demand, the simple to use, low maintenance BFX-180 is a robust round bale feeder loaded with the same features and benefits of the BFR-180. It is Ideal for livestock farmers who require a machine to feed out silage, hay, haylage or chopped material from either side with ease. Reduce time and manual labour with this versatile machine, and save up to 20% on feed bills through reducing wastage of feed. What is the BFR-180? The BFR-180 is a modular feeding and bedding system that can be configured as required.




  • FEED ROUND BALES – Save up to 20% on feed bills through reducing wastage of feed.
  • SAVE TIME AND MANUAL LABOUR – Reduce time and remove the back-aching work of manually feeding.
  • FITS TO LOADERS & TRACTORS – Very versatile to suit your current machinery. Comes standard with 3 point linkage. Optional Loader Brackets available.
  • NO ELECTRONICS – Simple to use and maintain.
  • USE ON SMALLER LOADERS – Designed specifically to mount on smaller loaders for agile yard work.
  • DETACHABLE LOADING HEADSTOCK WITH QUIKLATCH™ SYSTEM – Fast and easy reloading without needing to unplug hydraulics.
  • FEED OUT FROM BOTH SIDES OF MACHINE – Convenient to use.
  • HDPE (HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE) FEEDER FLOOR – Tough material with zero corrosion minimising material leakage. Ideal for crumbly or wet bales.
  • STRONG BED CHAIN – 5500kg load rated roller chains designed to handle the toughest of conditions.
  • STRONG CHAIN BARS – Suitable for use with heavy silage bales.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – Only 2 grease points!
  • HIGH STRENGTH BOLT ON BALE SPIKES – Great for use with tight bales.
  • OPTIONAL FRONT AND REAR CHAMBER PLATE – A closed in chamber means you can handle loose feed such as root crops without leakage.
  • OPTIONAL OFFSET TRACTOR LINKAGE – Drop the feed outside the width of the tractor making it easier to feed close to walls or into troughs.
  • OPTIONAL OFFSET LOADER BRACKETS – Drop the feed outside the width of the loader meaning you won’t drive over the feed. This also makes it easier to feed into troughs.

See our handy demo of removing the plastic wrap:


Taken from The FARM SHOW- -https://www.farmshow.com/a_article.php?aid=34281


One Machine Dispenses Round Bales Three Ways (additional attachments)

Livestock producers will like this new machine that combines feeding, spreading and bedding in one implement that mounts on a tractor 3-pt. hitch or on the front of a big loader or tele-handler. There are only 4 grease points and no electronics on the machine, which can unroll or spread a bale in minutes.
    As a bale feeder the Crossfire BFR-180 from Wessex International uses 5.5 ton-rated chains with zinc-plated crossbars and a high-output Danfoss hydraulic motor to gently roll hay, straw or balage from either side of the machine.
    With the Crossfire straw spreader attachment, the BFR-180 throws baled straw in its original length without shredding it up to 30 ft., easily bedding corrals and pens in loafing barns.
    The BFR-180’s 3rd mode, called the Sidewinder, uses an extension conveyor for high-level feeding into a trough or manger from the left side of the machine. In this mode the right side of the machine is still configured for bedding.
    Each mode works individually if the power unit only has one double-acting hydraulic spool. Two double-acting hydraulic spools or one spool with a diverter valve are needed to operate all 3 modes in one hookup.
    The BFR-180 handles round bales up to 5 by 6-ft. in size and weights up to 1,500 lbs. Early in 2018 the BFR-180 received an Innovation Award in the UK for best new product or innovation in livestock production equipment in Europe.