SnowEx – Sp575X


SP-575 Utility Spreader

One of the most popular SnowEx spreaders over the years, the SP-575 remains a firm favourite with contractors for its simple, reliable, and efficient performance. The patented SnowEx vibrator keeps material flowing freely, while a powerful drive augur feeds spread material directly to the spinner, ensuring jams and blockages are kept to a minimum. The in-cab dual controller makes life easy for the user by allowing accurate control of spread width and spinner speed, which in turn helps to ensure spread material wastage is reduced.

Spreading Guide

  • Rocksalt (dry and moist)
  • Bagged ice melters

Mounting Brackets

  • Tow bar hitch
  • utility mount
  • forklift mount
  • three-point mount (cat-1)
  • drop utility mount
  • trailer mount

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