Husqvarna Strimmer 545RX

Professional strimmer with high performance as well as sensational ergonomics and maneuverability. The X-Torq® engine provide raw power and excellent fuel economy.Optimized shaft length and bevel gear angled 35 degrees. Delivered with Balance X harness.


  • The X-Torq® engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%.
  • Balance X – Ergonomic harness with broad back support, shoulder straps and hip belt that distributes the load over a larger area.
  • Tap ‘n Go – Heavy duty twin line cutting system with Tap ‘n Go for quick line feed.
  • Optimized center of gravity – Improved balance thanks to the fuel tank placement in front of the engine.


 Engine Power output                                        2.1 kW

Cylinder displacement                                       45.7 см³

Maximum rpm output shaft                                8800 rpm

Maximum power speed                                      9000 rpm

Idling speed                                                      2700 rpm

Clutch engagement speed (±120)                       3900 rpm

Fuel tank volume                                               0.9 l

Fuel consumption                                               450 g/kWh

Fuel consumption                                               1 kg/h

Output shaft thread                                            M12x1.75V

Spark plug                                                         NGK CMR6H