Husqvarna 522HD60X Hedge Trimmer


A 21.7cc, double-sided hedge trimmer with a 60 cm cutter bar for trimming jobs. The multi-position handle and impressively low weight combined with the slim, balanced design and low vibration levels provide excellent handling, while the high capacity, high-speed professional knife blades, open blade guard and impressive power output allows for excellent cutting performance.

  • Cylinder displacement
    21.7 см³
  • Power output
    0.6 kW
  • Knife Length
    60 cm
  • Weight
    4.9 kg

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An efficient job starts with a sharp blade

The hardened steel blades, optimized edge angles and the high knife speed increase productivity when trimming.
522HDR60X, 522HDR75X, 522HD60X, 522HSR75X, 522HS75X, 522HDR75S, 522HDR60S, 522HD60S, 522HS75S

Long life gear components

The gear components have been developed for long life under tough conditions.

Fuel pump

Fuel pump designed for easy starting.
522HD60X, 522HDR60X, 522HDR75X

Two-stage air filter

The unloosable two-stage air filter in dual materials provide less cost for service and less engine wear.
  • Multi position handle
  • Auto return stop switch
  • Intuitive choke
  • Low noise engine
  • Sharp teeth
522HDR75S, 522HDR60S, 522HD60S, 522HDR60X, 522HDR75X, 522HD60X, 522HSR75X
Multi position handle

The rear handle can be put in multi positions to facilitate cutting the sides and top of hedges.